About Me

Get Your Fit On, LLC with Tara Romano

Isn't It time to MAKE A CHANGE?
Do you know it only takes two weeks to make or break a habit?  

That means in two weeks, you could be on your way to a better, healthier, happier YOU. Get Your Fit On, LLC was created by Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor Tara Romano. Tara has been in the Fitness Industry for 15 years, and has a passion for helping people change their lives by making healthy choices, and creating new healthy habits! 
Want to take your health to the next level? Or just ready for a change? 

Live from a place of prevention with Isagenix! Isagenix is more that just a Nutritional Cleansing System its a way of life!

Don't wait another minute to start your healthy habits! START TODAY
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